The 5 Balls of Life by Bryan Dyson


The 5 Balls of Life by Bryan Dyson


In a magazine I once read an article about “THE 5 BALLS OF LIFE”.

Bryan Dyson, CEO of Coca Cola, gave a speech in 1991 at the graduation ceremony of the Georgia Tech Institute, on WORK, FAMILY, HEALTH, FRIENDSHIP and SPIRIT. It was titled: The 5 Balls of Life.

Imagine life as a game. You hold 5 balls in your hands and throw them in the air at the same time, as jugglers do.

One ball is work, the second is family, the third is health, the fourth is friendship and the fifth is spirit.

You throw them all in the air at the same time.

You will soon realize that the work ball is made of rubber. If it falls on you it will not break, it will gel and you will be able to catch it again. Yet the other four balls, family, health, friendship and spirit, are made of glass. If one of them falls, the ball will be scratched, damaged and may even break. It will never be the same as before, it will never return to its original form.

With this example Bryan Dyson wants to tell us that we need to have balance in our personal and professional lives.

After reading it I thought, what do I do? Where am I heading;

Since then I have changed the priorities in my life and I have gained a better balance between personal and professional life. I have these Dyson tips in mind and whenever I get carried away from work, I bring them to the top of my mind.

I share this article with you to help you too.

Write on a piece of paper which areas of your life you spend the most energy and time on.

Divide a piece of paper into 9 sections and write down which areas are important to you.

To have balance in your life you need to dedicate time to each of these sections, at least once a week.

Evaluate and decide in which areas you want to increase the time and energy you spend and to which you want to reduce the time you spend.

Some ideas to help you

  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Hobby
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Creativity
  • Fun / travel
  • Sports
  • Personal development
  • Diet
  • Social contribution
  • Work
  • Education 
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