What is Coaching


What is coaching? It’s a technique of progress, development and evolution, both personal and professional. Through open-ended questions, the coach challenges the client to think and answer questions and issues that concern them, to determine their goals and actions in order to discover how to truly achieve everything they want. With coaching, they are offered the opportunity to unlock all their potentials, skills, inclinations and talents which will increase the quality of their life and boost their professional progress.

The coaching offered by AKV Coaching is used to assist individuals who aim for high performance, to people who want to develop on a personal and professional level. These individuals invest in themselves, in their development and in their evolution.


"Everyone should have a Coach," says Bill Gates.

What Coaching Offers

Greater work and life balance
Effective communication with colleagues and superiors
Increased self-confidence
Better management of your employees
Loyal customers acquisition
Managerial and leadership skills development
Introducing changes to your business
Time management improvements
Work performance improvements
Easier and more efficient collaboration with others
Maximization of the efficiency of your team
Business Growth
Career Coaching
Anna Kontaratou
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