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What is time management coaching for individuals?


Time management coaching is defined as the strategy of planning and controlling the available time you devote to specific tasks, in order to work more efficiently on them. Beneficial time management can be more easily developed in some people than in others, but all people as a whole can develop the necessary habits to improve this skill. In the absence of effective time management, your work may suffer from low productivity but also quality, failing to meet strict deadlines and effectively damaging your professional reputation. Of course, poor time management can increase your overall stress levels, and it can also lead to an imbalance between your work time and your personal life.


Time management is for everyone

The time management strategy is aimed at all those individuals who aim for high performance and seek their personal and professional development. It is an important skill because it helps you gain complete control over your daily tasks, in order to build your career path without undermining the balance between professional and personal life. All those people who seek to instill self-discipline in their lives, will find in this strategy the solution they have always sought. Eliminating procrastination and increasing energy are the elements that push most people to implement this practical solution that leads in the short and long term to achieve their personal goals. People who are in search of new opportunities and emotions are the ones who benefit the most from the dozens of opportunities created by the time management strategy. After all, what person could claim that they are not looking for the best future for their personal development?

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  • Completion of tasks becomes a priority
  • Ranking of tasks according to their degree of importance (important, urgent)
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Fight procrastination
  • Use effective time saving techniques
  • Assignment of tasks to the other members of the team
  • Increase in quality personal time
  • Refusal to make commitments on matters that do not belong to you.


  • Relief from daily stress.
  • Acquisition of extra utilization time.
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Increased ability to achieve goals
  • Optimization of your interpersonal relationships
  • Upgrade to your decision-making skills
  • Loss of fewer opportunities
  • Perfect your organization

Why choose Mrs. Kontaratou for your Time Management

Ms. Kontaratou’s guidance on time management strategy is important because it is the key to each person’s professional and personal success. When a person has complete control of their time, remaining productive within their available time, then they are able to manage their energy efficiently and with better focus. If you have set clear goals, but have not taken the time to plan their implementation with real actions, then this may be because you need a personal trainer who will support you in managing your personal time.

AKV Coaching‘s Ms. Kontaratou as a personal trainer will help you work smarter, without putting in more effort than required. She will offer you consulting support to give proper priority and focus to things that have real value, thus freeing up a large percentage of your total time. So if you want to maximize your work results, minimizing the time wasted and the total effort required, then the personal coach Mrs. Kontaratou has all that knowledge to help you implement it.

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