Personnel management

What is Personnel Management Coaching?

Personnel management is defined as the administrative specialization that focuses on the recruitment and development of employees, who will be profitable additions to the development of a business. It is sometimes considered a sub category of human resources that focuses mainly on management issues. In other words, we would say that personnel management is about acquiring, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce within the boundaries of a company.

Personnel management also includes the development and implementation of policies and procedures to create a well managed and supported work environment. Effective staff management focuses on employee action rather than creating time consuming schedules, plans and working methods. Employees’ various problems and grievances can be resolved more effectively through more rational management policies.

personel management

Who is the Personnel Management service for?

The personnel management service is addressed to people who have taken on the role of personnel manager within a company, regardless of size and branch of occupation. This role performs both administrative and operational management actions. All kinds of company policy related to its workforce can be effectively formulated by the personnel manager. This coaching service will provide the appropriate basis for staff managers, who will act as consultants on critical issues affecting the management of its employees, with the manager himself achieving effective contact with employees and executives respectively. The responsibilities of a responsible staff are dozens, giving more value to this coaching service, which nowadays is becoming more and more necessary within the framework of a business.

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  • Training your employees to take initiatives and responsibilities.
  • Identifying practical and effective solutions.
  • Better understanding of the concept of productivity.
  • Conduct substantive meetings.
  • Increase overall efficiency.
  • Creation of a “personal” support team.
  • Proper assignment of tasks within the company.
  • In your absence, the business will continue to produce results.
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  • Proper and targeted use of your workforce.
  • Your employees take initiatives and propose solutions.
  • Your staff acquires the ability to evolve.
  • Encourage continuous professional development.
  • Ensures the stable operation of the business in the long run.
  • Align your overall strategy with the management of your staff.
  • Get a clearer picture of your employees’ growth.
  • Get better information about your staff development capabilities.

Why choose Mrs. Kontaratou to inform you about Personnel Management

Personnel managers play a very important role in all organizations and companies. It is the first point of “contact” of the administration with its employees. However, their primary role is quite different from that of human resources. The role of the personnel manager in its traditional version is to monitor and control the workforce. The employee is therefore called upon to work on a set of procedures and it is up to the staff manager to supervise this work. But the principles of personnel management differ significantly among the countless companies that exist in today’s financial environment.

However, the majority of companies believe that effective personal development, good communication, dignity provided through work and high morale are the key points of proper operation of the business and should be integrated into both human resources and broader organizational strategy. This can be achieved with the help of the experienced and reliable coach Mrs. Kountouratou of AKV Coaching, who will analyze in depth the needs of your business and will lead you carefully to the full utilization of your workforce, building meaningful and human relationships between them.


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