Interpersonal Relationship Management

What is Interpersonal Relationship Management?

The term ‘relationships’ refers to bonds of family, friendship and romantic love. The aim of this service is to help you build and maintain healthy and stable relationships with people you long to have in your life and not to keep them just because you are linked with a common family tree or an interest. Daily communication and effort is required in order to keep the spark alive in your relationships.

Interpersonal Relationship Management
Διαχείριση σχέσεων με την Άννα Κονταράτου

For Whom is Interpersonal Relationship Management?

People are social beings who need help and support from other people in order to survive physically and psychologically. When their relationships with their loved ones are in crisis, every aspect of their lives are negatively affected, such as their professional, financial, psychological, dietary life. People who face interpersonal difficulties tend to lose their composure, their concentration and they are in a bad mood, which makes them unable to deal with everyday problems. The interpersonal relationship management service is ideal for people who want to fix and rekindle their relationships with some people and also for those who spot cracks in their relationships and they wish to save it.
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  • You can control yourself and stop emotional outbursts. 
  • You treat people with courtesy and thoughtfulness during arguments or fights. 
  • You can find the right words to explain what you feel.
  • You can build an honest and healthy relationship with people close to you. 
  • You can stand by and support people dealing with a difficult situation.
  • You express your love to people using both words and deeds.
Άννα Κονταράτου - Σύμβουλος Διαχείρισης Σχέσεων
Σύμβουλος Διαχείρισης Σχέσεων


  • People pay attention to you when you try to talk to them.  
  • You establish harmonious relationships with people around you (partner, friends, parents, children, relatives). 
  • You find effective solutions to everyday crises. 
  • You deal with disagreements and fights in a calm manner.
  • You set the example so that more people try to overcome problems without losing their composure. 
  • You accept different views and perspectives. 
  • You create a safe and peaceful environment, where people can communicate successfully.

Why choose Ms. Kontaratou for Interpersonal Relationship Management?

Everyone has faced obstacles that felt impossible to get through, which led them το feel alone and vulnerable. These people need a special kind of help in order to regain a calm and positive lifestyle.

The experienced personal coach Anna Kontaratou is capable to spot problematic elements and behaviours in a relationship, to consult, support and equip you with methods in order to overcome disagreements and fights so that in the end love, harmony and bliss can prevail.

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