Time Management for Professionals

What is time management for professionals and businesses?

Time management consultation is defined as the strategy of planning and controlling the time you devote as a professional or as a business, to specific tasks in order to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Business owners can and should cultivate a workplace that values time management. The values and work ethic displayed by the decision makers of a business have a direct impact on the corporate culture and often on the very profitability of a business.

Time management has been proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a business and business owners must constantly work to develop and improve their own time management skills in order to achieve the desired results. After all, business owners and managers guide other employees by setting a good example.

Time Management Consultation

Why time management is for businesses

Time management is one of the most important skills a professional who works or runs a business can have, but it is often an idea that bothers most employees. Small businesses, in particular, do not have the “luxury” of procrastination with poor management and inefficiency of their activities. However, the benefits of good time management practices are incalculable. Businesses that effectively use time management practices are in a much better position to consistently deliver their product or service.

Good time management also means that a business is able to solve problems that arise without affecting their daytoday operations. This is a must have, for any affiliate, promoting any product or service. In addition, a planned, structured and detailed schedule provides extra time to resolve various problems or unforeseen circumstances during the operation of the business.

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  • Creation of hierarchy for your priorities.
  • Set measurable and achievable goals.
  • Future planning.
  • Assign tasks and motivate your employees.
  • Production of better quality products / services.
  • Delivery of works on schedule.
  • Avoid multitasking.
  • Use effective time saving techniques.
Time Management Coaching


  • Relief from daily stress.
  • Acquisition of extra utilization time.
  • Improved career opportunities.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Boost your confidence and selfconfidence.
  • Optimize your working relationships.
  • Perfect your organization.
  • Reduction of losses and crises.

Why choose Mrs. Kontaratou regarding the Management of your Business Time

Properly finding and managing time is a major challenge for any business owner. There is never enough time to achieve all the actions you desire, especially if you are responsible for a number of commitments and business decisions. This can not only exhaust you but also create a lot of internal stress, as you will not be able to implement all those business activities that you have been planning for so long. However, there is an effective and immediate solution to this crisis you are facing with AKV Coaching. Ms. Kontaratou’s expert advice will help you develop a modern method for managing time within your business space, setting realistic goals, planning your operational activities and prioritizing the value of your employees. Ms. Kontaratou’s effective counseling will not only put you on a path of steady and continuous development, but will offer you more time to utilize and manage to achieve it.

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