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Coaching is for the high performers who want to go beyond where they are currently and boost their learning, growth and development.

Bill Gates empathetically says…”Everyone should have a coach”

Every successful person in Sports, Politics, Business and Entertainment has or has had coaches. Christiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Tonny Robins, Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Leonardo Di Caprio, Hugh Jackman, Metallica and many others had and have coaches.

None of these people got to where they are on their own. They knew that they would become better in their jobs and life, ​with the support, empowerment and help of a coach.

Executive coaching assists executives, managers and leaders το unlock their full potential and perform in the best possible way, in order to bring greater value and abundance ​to themselves, to the people they work with and to their organization.​ Through coaching they learn how to effectively support and guide their teams to successfully reach desired goals and exceed individual and corporate expectations.


I am a professionally Trained and Certified Personal Coach and Corporate and Executive Coach from The Coaching Academy in London, the UK’s top coach training institution.

I gained my experience by working with a broad range of individuals in different fields such as: career change, time management, procrastination, how to have a passive income, getting a promotion,forming a plan in order to obtain a degree, become more effective and productive at work, lose weight, and various other fields.

My coaching purpose is to support and help individuals, executives, managers, leaders and employees achieve their personal and professional goals.

My passion is to inspire people, empower them, educate them and help them create added value to themselves.


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Through Anna’s calm and empathetic coaching style I now have more confidence in my abilities. She enabled me to see “the wood for the trees”, take action and move forward in all of the different areas we discussed. Anybody would be lucky to have Anna as her/his coach.

Jo K,
International Development Consultant,
London, U.K

The coaching sessions with Anna were very meaningful and I was able to define specific goals and actions that led to the changes I wanted in my life.Life coaching has a very encouraging approach and the level of Anna’s professionalism was what really made the difference.I would definitely recommend Anna as a life coach to others.

Ishua Oronoz,
International Strategic Sourcing,
Miami, Florida U.S.A

I absolutely loved the coaching sessions with Anna. They helped me get organized, understand what my true motives were and created a plan with super specific steps. By keeping all these notes during our sessions I understood how vital this is and now I always carry with me my note book and write down ideas.

Christina Zoupanou - Kritikou,
Marketing & Communications manager,
Athens, Greece

L​ife coaching sessions made a great difference to the short-term goals my Coach and I set and succeeded. Being overwhelmed and losing focus, used to hold me back, a vicious cycle of stress and procrastination. My Coach’s simple yet efficient guidelines of organizing and prioritizing my tasks helped me gain confidence, completing my check list on time while getting to my actual goal. With just 3 sessions, my Coach taught me the mentality of dedication without losing focus while making small yet crucial small steps at a time.

Stavroula K,
Software Engineer,
Athens Greece

Anna was very professional, friendly and caring. As the sessions progressed I felt that we had built a nice relationship, which is was important for me, as it made it easier for me to open up and share what was really bothering and preventing me.

Leah P,
Women’s Therapist and Coach,
Tel Aviv, Israel

Over the time we have worked together I have felt the rapport and trust strengthen which makes me feel inspired and with that trust I feel I can open up fully and face my challenges striving me to do anything I want to achieve.During our sessions Anna always motivates, challenges and shows 100% belief in me which makes me only want to work with her more and more and push forward in my life and my business.

Sandra Rowell,
Customer Service Manager,
Newcastle, U.K



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P: (+30) 210 6033163, M: (+30) 6944 452555
E: info@akvcoaching.com