The Benefits of a Morning Routine


The Benefits of a Morning Routine


Take great care of the beginning of your day and the rest of the day will take care of itself. Own your morning.

“Elevate your life,” says Robin Sharma.

A few months ago I read Robin Sharma’s book “The 5 AM Club” and started the 20/20/20 morning routine. I wake up an hour earlier and dedicate it to my self-improvement.

Sharma explains in the book the importance of the morning routine. Divide the time into 3 twenty minute parts. We dedicate the first twenty minutes to exercise, the second twenty minutes to meditation and the third twenty minutes to our development.

20′ Physical exercise

To keep our body in good physical condition, running, walking, exercising, swimming, pilates, or any other physical exercise are great options.

20′ Meditation

You can meditate, envision, pray, write in your diary, whatever you prefer and like. The goal is to strengthen your self-awareness, to enjoy a moment of calm, to enter a state of peace, to reduce stress and to create your inner happiness.

20′ Development

Reading books, listening to audio books, cds, reviewing goals, podcasts will help enrich your knowledge, improve your professional excellence, learn from other people who have succeeded and deepen your personal and professional development. You will sharpen your mind and expand your knowledge.

Give it a try. I recommend it to you.

Make your own morning routine and then apply it. When you feel that you want to give up, persevere and stay true to the promise you made to yourself!

It takes sixty-six days to get used to it.

Remember that successful people are determined by their habits. They have self-discipline, stubbornness, resilience and self-confidence. 

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