How to overcome the fear of change


How to overcome the fear of change


Do you resist change because you fear it?

Do not worry, you are not alone! We are all afraid of change. This is because we are afraid of the unknown.

What we know offers security and comfort. We know what we have to face, what to do, where to go, etc.

However, we create all our fears by imagining negative and even destructive scenarios but in the end almost none of them ever happen!

Accept your fear, however do not let it overwhelm you or allow it to become an obstacle and above all do not be immobilized by fear. Embrace your fear, process the situation and act. Action is power!

Anyone who is afraid, does not change and does not adapt to new situations in life and is in danger of being lost.

As Darwin said, “He who survives is not the strongest or the smartest, but the one who adapts to change.”

I suggest you do this exercise to help yourself get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

Here are two examples to understand the exercise.

I want to make a speech but I am afraid of failure, because I imagine that I will forget my script and I will not be able to say what I want.

I want to leave my job that I do not like at all but I am afraid because I imagine that I will not find another job and I will not have money for my family.

Write 10 things you want to do, but hesitate because you are afraid.

I want to ……………… but I am afraid, because I imagine that ……… ..
I want to ……………… but I am afraid, because I imagine that ……… ..
I want to ……………… but I am afraid, because I imagine that ……… ..

When you have completed the exercise, read everything you have written that you want to do. You will find that many times you do not do what you want in your personal and professional life, because you are trapped in your fears.

And yet many times you have overcome your fears and done what you considered difficult, perhaps even impossible.

I want you to think of something you were afraid to do in the past and you did it while you were afraid. You dared, you made the decision and you succeeded.

Yes you did! You faced your fears head on and dared to take action despite them.

We have all done things we were afraid of. In this way we grow and evolve.

So dare today to do one of the things you wrote above that you want to do in your life.

Begin with the easiest. Elaborate on what you want, set a goal, write down what steps you need to follow to achieve your goal and then take action.

Remember that the only constant in life is change.

I recently read the book “Who got my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I suggest you read it as well. It is easy to read and explains through a pleasant story, the lack of courage and the presence of fear, towards the new and different. 

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